Acupressure mats for Relaxation

The Acupressure mat is a wellness tool that some call a modern day Bed of Nails.
The Acupressure mat, also known as the Heavenly Acupressure Mat has a number of benefits for general well-being that have been reported by users including:

Lower Back Pain Relief

Back & Neck Pain Relief

Muscle Tension Relief

Migraine and Headache relief

Stress Relief

Insomnia Relief

Weight Loss

Increased Blood Circulation


The Acupressure mat is covered with  8,820 acupressure contact points that stimulate your skin as well as acupressure points in you body.  Some say it is used in the same way a  traditional Indian bed of nails was used.   Because of the  sheer number of these stimulating acupressure points, the acupressure mat becomes effective in deepening the meditative experience and helping relieve a variety of common conditions.

So whether you suffer from stress, tension, muscle or joint pain, insomnia, headaches including migraines, depression, lethargy or sciatica, the Heavenly acupressure mat can help you increase your well-being.

How does the acupressure mat work?  you might ask.

The acupressure mats use the principles and long recognized benefits of acupressure and acupuncture.  When you lie on the acupressure mat, the points of the spikes on the mat stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms into action.  It also stimulates an increase in blood flow and circulation, which increases the amount of oxygen to different parts of your body.

How, though, does lying on the Heavenly acupressure mat for 20 minutes relieve pain?

The Heavenly Acupressure Mat triggers the release of endorphins and oxytocin, the natural hormones in your body that are natural  pain-killers and feel-good hormones.   The increased levels of endorphins and oxytocin produced when you lie on an acupressure mat has, in addition to the pain-killing properties, an uplifting and calming effect on your body.   You may notice a sense of deep relaxation and increased well-being.    The release of these feel-good hormones can also have a positive effect on your body through reduced blood pressure, increased circulations and calmness.

Endorphins are generally believed to be similar to morphine in effect when it comes to pain relief.   If you are suffering from chronic pain or stress of any kind, a 20  minute session on the Heavenly acupressure mat could have wonderful benefits for you.

Here are a few of the testimonial recieved fom happy and satisfied users of the Heavenly acupressure mats:

I actually slept better than I had in years. Now I usually use the mat before bedtime. I am no longer using sleeping pills or alcohol to fall asleep, the mat is all I need.
— Robert L., Hollywood, CA

Ever since I was pregnant with my daughter, I have had chronic back and hip pain.  I layed down on the Heavenly acupressure mat for the recommended time. Although the experience was strange for the first couple of minutes, I found myself to quickly relax and almost fell asleep within 10 minutes. Twenty minutes later, I got up and almost cried tears of joy when I realized that my pain, which usually is only truly relieved with narcotic medications, was almost completely gone! The effect was not only dramatic, but long lasting. This product hands down, receives my seal of approval and I would highly recommend for anyone who experiences regular pain and/or discomfort!
— Cake Mom, PA

I received this today and I am in awe over how well this works! I have a bad back and hips and after 10 minutes with each area on the mat, I went from a pain score of 5 to 1-2!!! Thanks so much!
— Jaime, PA

Using your Heavenly acupressure mat is easy.  Simply lay the mat on a flat surface – a bed, couch, or the floor – then lie on the acupressure mat for 20 minutes or more.    Start by lying on your back and then use the acupressure mat acupressure mat on other parts of your body such as your feet, stomach, thighs, and even your face.    Use the acupressure mat on your bare skin for best effects.  If the sensation is too intense, put a thin sheet or piece of cloth between the acupressure mat and your skin the first few times.   Click on the button above to  buy your Heavenly acupressure mat now!

Review of Acupressure Mat Positions

Here are a few position you may use your Heavenly Acupressure Mat;



Lie with your back on the acupressure mat.  Breathe deeply.  Relax



Lie on the acupressure mat under your stomach.



Gently step onto the acupressure mat.  You may want to use a chair for support the first time.  This acupressure mat position stimulates Reflexology points in your feet.



The hip position on the acupressure mat is very effective for tight muscles or after strenuous work-outs.



Sit on the acupressure mat to target the back of your thighs and your buttocks.  You can also place the acupressure mat  on a chair for this acupressure mat position.



Fold the acupressure mat in half and gently place your face on the acupressure mat.  Keep those wrinkles away!

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